2018-2020: Finitude and Meaning.

Phenomenological Perspectives on History in the Light of the Paul Ricoeur Jan Patocka Relationship.


Organization of an international conference and a national colloquium

  • International Conference titled “Shifting Roles. The Manifold Identities of Phenomenology” (The 5th Conference on Traditions and Perspectives of the Phenomenological Movement in Central and Eastern Europe). Bucharest, 26–28 September 2019.

— Organizing committee: Ileana Borțun, Cristian Ciocan, Christian Ferencz-Flatz, Paul MARINESCU.
— Keynote Speakers: Emmanuel Alloa (University of Fribourg); Bruce Bégout (Bordeaux Montaigne University); Mădălina Diaconu (University of Vienna); Claude Romano (Paris-Sorbonne University); Bernhard Waldenfels (Ruhr University Bochum).
— 22 panels, 71 speakers from Europe, USA etc.
— Program and Booklet of Abstracts: https://shiftingroles.phenomenology.ro/

— 10 speakers from the Universities from Iassy, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, and from the Romanian Society for Phenomenology
— Organizing committee: Paul MARINESCU, Mădălina GUZUN, Ovidiu STANCIU
— Call for Papers: https://phenomenology.ro/istorie-sens-si-traducere-20-02-2020/
— Program: https://phenomenology.ro/program-istorie-sens-si-traducere-20-02-2020/